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Mighty Musso's Pulling Power

November 2018

You might have seen the ad with a rhino squaring up to a pick-up truck. It has the tagline "The new Musso. Korean for Rhino".

Which it is.

But what SsangYong should have done is show a Musso pulling one, two, THREE fully grown rhinos on a trailer. With a FOURTH sat in the load bed.

Because that's how strong this thing is.

It is the only pick-up that can tow 3.5 tonnes and carry a one-tonne payload at the same time. That's a 6.75 gross train weight. Now, that's sure to impress Britain's grafters. Almost as much as the price.

The Musso starts at a bargain-bucket £19,995 excluding VAT and all versions are powered by a 2.2-litre turbo diesel with selectable 4x4, high/low ratios, good clearance and hill descent control.

The double cab is big, surprisingly comfy and loaded with kit. This mid-spec Rebel had phone-mirroring touchscreen, hot/cold ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel. Yes really. You big softies.

It's basically the front half of a Rexton SUV and the back end of a pick-up truck.

Now, there is a problem. The ride quality is crude - and SsangYong knows it.

That's why it arrived with ten bags of sand in the back to calm the rear-axle hop. Other irritations. No footrest. No third brake light. Naff cupholder ashtray.

But all that's low-priority for a pick-up, it must be said. 

If you are looking for strength, value and a seven-year warranty, start here.

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