Company Values


We do…

Deliver on our promises and commitments

Own up to mistakes, take responsibility and make amends

The right thing, even when it is difficult

Treat everyone as we wish to be treated

Address problems, resolve and move on

We don’t…

Act dishonestly, cut corners or make excuses

Show preferential treatment

Ignore internal or external customer calls, emails or requests for help

Hold grudges

Avoid accountability and blame others



We do…

Share ideas freely, collaborate and cooperate

Behave in a polite, courteous and respectful manner

Care about making a difference and take pride in all we do

Deliver on our promises and commitments

Support and invest in each other’s development

Discourage office gossip

We don’t…

Delay difficult tasks or conversations

Avoid accountability and blame others

Take advantage of others

Repeat anything that shouldn’t be repeated



We do…

Recognise everyone’s time is as valuable as our own

Go the extra mile to help others

Pull together in one direction

Recognise and acknowledge great teamwork

Set clear objectives

Support each other in a constructive way

We don’t…

Withhold information which could be useful to others

Look to blame when things go wrong

Exclude any colleagues or teams

Criticise, snipe or second-guess others

Deliberately make things difficult for others

Gossip about or undermine others


Customer Focus

We do…

View situations from the customer’s perspective

Consider the impact of our actions on our customers

Commit to returning phone calls, emails and requests for help in a timely manner

Discuss options with customers for alternate ways to meet expectations

Communicate changes in agreed plans or deadlines to customers

Acknowledge and support our colleagues as internal customers

Take responsibility in ensuring every customer receives a full, satisfactory resolution

We don’t…

Deceive or lie to customers

Lack manners or display rude, discourteous behaviour

Insult or put down our customers

Ignore requests for help because it’s ‘not my job’

Refuse to help any customer