SsangYong Boot Space Comparison

When it comes to choosing a new car, there’s so many of considerations to make, but quite often most of them get cast aside in favour of aesthetics and enjoyability to drive.

Aside from price, some of the main considerations to make when buying a new or used car are engine size, number of seats, vehicle type (hatchback, estate, SUV), engine type (diesel, petrol, electric), age and mileage.

Some people may have a specific make and model in mind, whereas others are more concerned with paint colour, but there is certain specification that might often get neglected.

Boot capacity is something that often gets overlooked, but actually is a really important consideration to make.

If you are a single person who primarily drives to a single workplace or a driver who just drives to the local shops, having a large boot capacity isn’t necessarily the most important factor when it comes to buying a new car, but if you have a family, pets or an outdoor hobby, boot capacity should always be considered.

Who could benefit from large boot space


If you have a busy family life, you might need to consider how much cabin space the car has so you can fit car seats and everyone can travel comfortably, but the boot space is just as important, especially if you have younger children and you need to transport pushchairs.

Aside from pushchairs, when travelling with children, there’s also other items that you find yourself carrying with you, including toys, spare clothes and bicycles, especially if you are heading out for the day.

SsangYong Boot Space

Pet owners

Similar to those with children, if you travel with your pets, you will often need to bring additional things with you from home, such as toys, food and leads/harnesses. If you travel with a dog, they will sit in the boot during the journey, meaning you will need a crate which can take up a lot of space, depending on the size of your dog.

If your dog will be travelling in the rear of the car, this reduces the amount of cabin space, so you will need to utilise the boot space instead. If you are heading away on a staycation, this will include luggage and food items.

A small dog crate (60cm) can accommodate around 143 litres, a medium dog crate (75cm) can accommodate around 240 litres, and a large dog crate (100cm) can accommodate around 370 litres.

Outdoor hobbyists

This can cover a range of hobbies, from watersports to football, but either way, if you or a member of your family have an outdoor hobby, you’ll know first hand that there’s a lot of equipment required which can quickly take up space in the boot.

Most of the time, you won’t want to use the cabin space for this equipment as they can get muddy and transfer that onto the seats and flooring.

SsangYong Boot Folded Down

Regular travellers

Whether you regularly take a staycation or you head overseas several times a year, having a car with a good amount of boot space means there’s plenty of room for your luggage, without restricting your view behind.

If you are travelling as a family of four, you will have a fair amount of luggage to accommodate, so having a boot that can easily hold multiple suitcases makes it more comfortable for your passengers.

A large suitcase has around 100 litres of capacity and a medium suitcase has around 65 litres of capacity, so if there’s a family of 4 going away on holiday, you will likely need at least 300 litres of boot space.

SsangYong Tivoli Boot Space

Depending on the engine type, you can take advantage of either 427 litres of boot space, or 311 litres. The key detail here is whether you opt for a manual, with a larger boot, or an automatic, with a smaller boot.

The Tivoli also has a range of comfort features including heated front seats (Ventura model) to make those long journeys enjoyable.

The two thirds plus one third split rear seat configuration means you can transport larger items if you don’t need to utilise all five seats.

If you choose to upgrade to the Ultimate model, you’ll get a multi-purpose luggage board that divides the load space up for your convenience.

Boot space: 427 litres (manual), 311 litres (automatic)

View the SsangYong Tivoli

SsangYong Korando Boot Space

If you are looking for a spacious SUV that has a host of configurable storage solutions, the SsangYong Korando has plenty of boot space, with 511 litres to play with.

Not only this, the rear seats have a two thirds plus one third configuration so you can transport bulky equipment that would normally have to go on the roof rack.

If you opt for the Ultimate model, you’ll get an automatic tailgate making loading and unloading your equipment a breeze.

Boot space: 551 litres

View the SsangYong Korando

SsangYong Rexton Boot Space

If you love being outdoors or you enjoy taking staycations, the SsangYong Rexton is the most suitable option as it offers a 3.5 tonne towing capacity as well as 7 seats, so the whole family can travel together. As standard, there’s 240 litres of boot space, but this can be extended to a whopping 820 litres with the 3rd row of seats folded down.

The cabin area is spacious with plenty of shoulder, leg and headroom, and adults can travel in the 3rd row of seats with no issues.

Boot space: 240 litres (3rd row of seats up), 820 litres (2nd row of seats up)

View the SsangYong Rexton

SsangYong Rexton Boot

SsangYong Model

Boot Space (standard)


311 - 427 litres


551 litres


240 litres


If you would like to test drive any of our SsangYong SUV’s, find your local SsangYong dealer who would be happy to arrange this for you.

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