EV Myths Debunked - Safety in the Korando e-Motion

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity and sales worldwide, offering a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. However, misinformation surrounding their safety continues to circulate.


In this blog, we're here to set the record straight and debunk some myths surrounding EVs with the help of the Korando e-Motion, so you can make the switch to all-electric with piece of mind.


Less Safe in an Accident?


The Truth: On Par with Traditional Vehicles


Some believe that EVs are less safe in collisions due to their battery. However, EVs must adhere to the same safety standards as traditional cars, ensuring that they are equally safe in case of an accident.


Studies have shown that electric vehicles may be safer in collisions than their petrol or diesel counterparts.


The e-Motion is jam-packed with advanced technologies to help prevent accidents before they occur. With safety built into its core, the vehicle's body structure consists of 77% high tensile strength steel, providing robust protection in the event of a collision.


Safety doesn't just stop with the structural integrity of the vehicle. It's equipped with a comprehensive airbag system, adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and lane departure warning systems.


The list goes on with driver aids such as high beam assist and driver attention alert, which are also fitted across the entire SsangYong range.


EVs are Prone to Fires


The Truth: Rare Incidents Compared to ICE Vehicles


The reporting of electric vehicle fires has raised concerns among potential EV owners. While it's true that electric cars can catch fire, it's essential to put these incidents in perspective.


The lithium-ion batteries used in modern EVs are designed with safety in mind, and research has indicated that EVs are less prone to fires than combustion engines. So remember, EV fires may make the headlines but they are far from a daily occurrence.


EVs and Water - A Dangerous Mix?


The Truth: Rain or Shine, They're Just Fine


One common myth is that electric vehicles can't handle wet conditions, posing a danger to drivers. The reality is quite the opposite. EVs, including the e-Motion, are designed with stringent safety measures to protect their electrical components from water intrusion.


So, there will be no need to wish the rain away, no matter if you’re charging or on the go.


Our Promise


In the ever-changing landscape of automotive technology, the SsangYong Korando e-Motion and other electric vehicles prove that they can be both eco-conscious and safe. Opinions about EVs often stem from misconceptions, but the facts are clear: EVs are not only as safe as traditional vehicles but may even offer additional safety benefits.


So, when considering e-Motion, don't let rumours cloud your judgment; let its features do the talking.


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