SsangYong Rexton Safety

The Rexton is one of the strongest and safest cars in its class. It’s built on a high-strength body-on-frame construction and features a comprehensive suite of the latest electronic safety aids. For further reassurance, it’s also available with up to 9 airbags*.

*Available on ELX and Ultimate models.

High Strength Steel Construction

The Rexton is built on extremely strong foundations.

It’s body-on-frame construction is built using 1.5Gpa ultra-strength steel - a world first.

In fact, 81.7% of the steel plate in the car’s body uses high-strength, high-density, high-tensile steel.

This provides superb rigidity and protection in a collision to maximise the safe space within the cabin.


EBD-ABS distributes brake force appropriately to the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle’s load of passengers and/or cargo.


ESP constantly monitors road conditions and vehicle status and automatically adjusts engine output and braking whenever the driver is about to lose control. It integrates the ABS, active rollover protection, anti-slip regulation and brake-force assist.


BAS automatically activates full braking in an emergency to reduce the vehicle’s braking distance to help avoid an accident.

Active Safety

9 Airbags*

For maximum passenger protection on impact, the car is equipped with up to 9 airbags** - the most in its class.

These include a knee-airbag for the driver and rear passenger side and curtain airbags - safety features normally only found in prestige vehicles.

*Vehicle shown features quilted upholstery not available in the UK
**Available on ELX and Ultimate models.


The Rexton also takes the safety of children seriously.

The car is equipped with ISOFIX child-seat mountings to the rear outer seats to ensure that child seats are attached firmly and rigidly.


Tyre pressure is something the driver will never be unsure about in the Rexton.

Tyre pressure monitoring is built into the car’s electronics and displayed via the trip computer.

Each tyre is continually checked for pressure and the driver is immediately warned of unsafe readings.

Smart Safety

The smarter the car, the safer the drive. The Rexton is one of the smartest and safest in its class. It’s packed with a whole range of the latest driver assistance safety tech features.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Autonomous Emergency Braking

AEB helps avoid or reduce collision effects by detecting and warning the driver of moving or stalled vehicles.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

Forward Collision Warning

FCW alerts the driver when another vehicle or pedestrian appears in the path of the vehicle.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Lane Departure Warning

LDW warns the driver whenever the vehicle begins to move out of its lane unless the directional indicators are on in that direction.

High Beam Assist (HBA)

High Beam Assist

HBA automatically lowers the high beams when an approaching vehicle is detected, making night-driving easier.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

Traffic Sign Recognition

TSR detects an upcoming traffic sign, reads it via character-recognition software and relays the relevant icon to the infotainment display.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

Emergency Stop Signal

ESS activates the flashing emergency lights to alert driver’s behind the car when the vehicle makes a sudden stop.

Lane Change Assist (LCA)

Lane Change Assist*

LCA detects vehicles approaching rapidly from behind and flashes a warning light on the outside mirror to alert the driver.

*Available on Ultimate models only
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

Blind Spot Detection*

BSD senses vehicles coming up in the blind spot behind or alongside the car and warns the driver via a flashing light on the outside mirror.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert*

RCTA assists the driver when reversing by detecting the presence of vehicles approaching behind on either side.