Korando is available with an all-new 1.5 GDI-Turbo petrol engine or new 1.6 diesel engine, guaranteeing maximum fuel efficiency and driving satisfaction, no matter your choice.

With a towing capability of up to 2 tonnes* and an impressive AWD system, Korando guarantees security in uncertain driving situations – from taxiing the kids to school on a rainy day, to a weekend away with your caravan on the coast.

Innovative construction techniques have also resulted in the new Korando having elevated NVH standards for a smooth and quiet drive. *Diesel only.



Korando offers an all-new 1.5 GDI-Turbo petrol engine with low-speed torque giving rapid acceleration when required. This new engine delivers 280Nm of torque and 1.5 tonnes of towing capability. The GDI-Turbo petrol engine is available with either 6-speed manual or AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission, which offers smooth and quiet gear shifting with maximum fuel efficiency.



The downsized 1.6 diesel engine delivers effortless performance under any driving conditions, 324Nm of torque and maintains a 2-tonne towing capacity. Optimised gear ratios on the AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission ensure smooth, and precise gear shifts, improved fuel efficiency and a quieter ride.

Towing capability

Petrol (auto & manual) 1.5 tonnes

Diesel 2 tonnes


Double wishbone front

Independent multi-link rear

Driver aids

Hill start assist

Hill descent control


Technical NVH management

A sophisticated engine mount system, alongside powertrain and driveline suppression measures, maximises noise reduction and has allowed the new Korando to attain superb levels of NVH.

Optimised sound insulation package

Using new construction features such as under floor damping, pillar cavity foam, and a sound absorbing roof liner, the new Korando is effective in isolating engine, road and exterior sounds for a quiet driving experience.

new-korando - LED Lights

Auto Transmission

Driver selectable modes (NORMAL / SPORT / WINTER) for safe driving and a customizable driving experience.


Balancing the need for fuel economy and power, this default mode is utilized for day-to-day driving and is not indicated on the dashboard.


Delivers extra power at the expense of fuel economy.

• Starting from the NORMAL Mode, turn the driving mode switch clockwise to the SPORT mode, which will be indicated on the dashboard.


Starts the vehicle in second gear to prevent tires from slipping on icy roads in the winter.

• When in NORMAL or SPORT, hold the driving mode switch for longer than one second to switch to WINTER Mode, which will be indicated on the dashboard.

Steering Wheel

Idle Stop & Go system

ISG temporarily stops the engine when the vehicle comes to a long stop thus enhancing fuel economy and minimising exhaust emissions. (not AWD vehicles)