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Tivoli Grows on You

Hunting for automotive niches may be a popular German past time, but Korean budget firm SsangYong claim to have invented the SUV Estate.

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But we all know they haven’t…

It’s more that no car manufacturer has ever called any of theirs as such. But the XLV is definitely a big-booted variant of their popular Tivoli compact crossover. The biggest selling point of the £12,950 Tivoli is value for money, but cavernous space was a tidy second. Now, for just £1,000 more the new Tivoli XLV increases the regular Tivoli’s boot capacity to 720 litres.


Tivoli Grows on You

Unlike its cheaper sibling, the XLV is only available in one high-spec trim and is exclusively diesel flavoured – 4x4 capability and an automatic gearbox are on the options menu, but that pushes the price up to £18,750. Still, we found that the cheapest 2WD manual option, that’s also good for 62.8mpg, was the best fit. 

On the road it fares much like the regular Tivoli. It’s lightly on the stiff side and has a tendency to bounce about a bit when the road goes all sub-prime on you.

But the diesel engine is a strong match for the XLV’s increased bulk with more poke on tap than you’d expect.

Verdict: the XLV is a logical development helping the Korean brand make its mark in the UK – and in the right way.

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