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The Tivoli is the new B-segment SUV from SsangYong and it is probably the most important vehicle produced by this South Korean manufacturer. In the UK, SsangYong is felt as something of a niche manufacturer; but the Tivoli has been launched as a global vehicle and great things are expected – as are competitive prices, and it looks as though that is certainly the case. The model, which is available in two and four-wheel drive, has the option of either petrol or diesel 6-litre engines, and six-speed transmission in both manual and automatic option - although the 4x4 versions only have the diesel version. The Tivoli comes with what is claimed is a ‘class leading’ five year limitless mileage warranty. As with other recent SUV launches, customers will be able to personalise vehicles, selecting colour and trim options. The base two-wheel drive version starts at a highly competitive £12,950. Four-Wheel drive Tivolis are also in a competitive range with the EX manual at £17,100, the ELX manual £18,500 and the top of the range automatic at £19,600.

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