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Melinda Messenger, Tommy Walsh, Alex James, David Pipe and The Sun review the SsangYong range

Melinda Messenger, Tommy Walsh, Alex James, David Pipe and The Sun review the SsangYong range



“Here’s what Sun Motoring Editor KEN GIBSON said about the Korando: Looking for something different? How about a Korean 4x4 styled by an Italian? The SsangYong Korando certainly looks the part, as you would expect for a motor styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro from the famous Italian design firm. You can park the Korando alongside SUVs costing twice as much and it more than holds its own. Then add value for money – prices start from £16,995 – alongside the smart styling and versatility and the Korando makes even more sense. It’s one of the most affordable, genuine and well-equipped 4x4s in the compact SUV sector. And for added reassurance, you get a five-year unlimited mileage warranty. The Korando is also a nice drive by 4x4 standards and the 2-litre turbo diesel is a good mix of power and refinement, with reasonable economy. It’s not simply a trendy 4x4 poser either – the Korando can tow a caravan or horsebox of up to two tonnes. All of which means the Korando appeals both emotionally and rationally to buyers.” – Ken Gibson, The Sun

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“KORANDO SPORTS IS A LOT OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” – Tommy Walsh and The Sun review Korando Sports

Here’s what Sun Motoring Editor KEN GIBSON said about the SsangYong Korando Sports pick-up: PICK-UPS are not meant to surprise you, they are meant to be down-to earth workhorses. But I was surprised just how good the Korean SsangYong Korando Sports pick-up is. The Korean motor is arguably the most stylish pickup on the road, with an edgy design that makes it stand out. There is a decent-sized load bay and it will tow any trailer up to 2.3 metric tonnes. It’s also a very competent 4x4 when the going gets tough. But what surprised me most was how remarkably refi ned the Korando Sports’ 2-litre diesel engine is. I’ve driven executive cars that made more noise and it delivers between 30 and 35mpg. The ride was another big plus point, cutting back on the normal bouncy castle feel of the average pick-up. The SsangYong Korando Sports is a vehicle that allows four adults to travel long journeys in comfort. The equipment is what you’d expect in an exec car and it’s an easy vehicle to drive despite being nearly 5m long. For added reassurance, you get a five-year unlimited mileage warranty – possibly the best around. And with prices ranging from £18,295 to £22,745, including VAT, the SsangYong Korando Sports is a vehicle that makes sense to the business buyer who uses it for fun at weekends.


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“AS a working musician and a farmer, rock star Alex James defi nitely needs a reliable and versatile vehicle. Along with his cheesemaking and music projects, the Blur bassist has fi ve kids to get from A to B. So when he was asked to test drive Korean brand SsangYong’s new Korando 4x4, he jumped right in. He said: “We’re a big family and when it snows it can be diffi cult to get cars up the farm track. There have been times when we’ve been stranded. “As a parent I’m less and less concerned about playing car ‘top trumps’ and more interested in things like safety. SsangYong are so confi dent about their product that they offer a five-year unlimited mileage warranty. That’s impressive.” Alex trialled the Korando on trips to the supermarket and on the school run and he even chased a few sheep. “It’s quite a good sheepdog substitute,” he joked. He was impressed by the vehicle’s sleek lines, designed by Italian stylist Giugiaro, and by its Korean lineage. Alex said: “The Korando is versatile on the school run or on the M40, even the farm tracks. It’s got a snazzy thing going on.” The Italian styling might have made an impact on Alex, but for his children it was the fact SsangYong are based in the Seoul district of Gangnam – made famous by hit rapper Psy – that clinched it. “When I told the kids that, they wanted to go everywhere Gangnam Style,” laughed Alex. Luckily, going anywhere is a cinch in the five-seater Korando and the 2-litre engine with turbo diesel power plus will tow any trailer up to 2 metric tonnes. The spacious boot was just right for carting Socks the family whippet around too. Alex said: “He’s very comfortable back there.”

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David was more than a little impressed by the pick-up’s performance. He said: “It handled really well. The four-wheel drive is outstanding and it has plenty of space in the back to throw in straw bales or bags of food.” David knows a thing or two about picking winners because he is the son of champion trainer Martin Pipe. And since taking over the family business, David has kept up the success rate, most notably with Comply Or Die, which won the 2008 Grand National. Today, David employs 50 staff to school more than 120 horses and work means driving plenty of miles over all kinds of terrain. He said: “It’s been very wet this winter and we have had frosts but the SsangYong Korando Sports 4x4 has top-notch handling.”

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