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Get your kicks right out in the sticks

If you’re looking for a show-off faux-by-four, you’re in the wrong place. Driving is in the countryside to test SUVs that don’t cost the earth

TRUE landed gentry don’t wear Hunter boots, red trousers and tweed jackets. They wear black wellies from Millets, a pair of old corduroys, an M&S jumper with holes in the elbows and a 10-year-old Barbour that smells of labrador.

Similarly, you won’t find many rural folk at the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, BMW X5 or any other expensive wannabe off-roader. Those esteemed names are for the suburbs and the ski resorts.

If you live in the sticks, you want something that’s ultra-cheap, ultra-frugal and ultra-unfashionable. The badge may not be for the boastful, but sports utility vehicles from makes such as Dacia, SsangYong and Suzuki tackle the muddy stuff and do the job without costing a fortune to buy and run. They are the budget wellies of the car world.

But how good are they really? We put three costing less than £15,000 to the test.

For more information on the SsangYong Tivoli please click here

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